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About Us

"Eye Am Nu" (New) Brand is about showing the Nu in so many ways from Various Designs, such as T-Shirts Designs, Flyers, Invitations, Tutus, Modeling & so much More.  It is about Transforming through the message of Designing showing others that you are Nu, not by saying it but wearing it and showing it. There are so many of us that think and feel if only someone could see I Survivor of Cancer, Domestic Violence, Racism, Addiction, Bullying, and so forth and letting others know through wearing it, letting your Apparel do the talking for you. Let it Speak "Eye Am Nu". Why Say it when you can Just speak by Wearing it..." Let your words do the talking for you"...

"Eye Am Nu"  believes Designs speaks just as loud as Words. Why do I believe this? Because we all have a Third Eye that when it is open it leads to inner realms and spaces of high consciousness that creates a Nu (new) you, which causes one to design and see from a place far beyond that of what we see with the physical eye.