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"Why Say It" "Just Wear It" Eye Am Nu

"Eye Am Nu" is my New Brand (TM) & Eye Am Nu Designs & More... Is my Nu Brand Business. ( or Eye Am Nu Facebook page @ Shop) I Just want to give you a little summary of my New Brand... Eye Am Nu is about Positivity, It is about Coming into Existence, being other than the Former Person you once were, about Introducing the New You, Its about Change, about being a Survivor, about Winning, about being a Conqueror, its about Growth, Its about Conciousness, Its About Prospering, Its About Rising, Its about Thriving, Its about Seeing Your True Beauty not letting Beauty Define you but you Defining Beauty. Why walk around "Saying it" when you Can "Wear it" in your Everyday Appearance through living a life that people can see your Beauty & Greatness not only in the Physical, but where it really count by letting it radiate through your Spirit & Soul.
So for all of you out there watching to see what I am going to do next just know:
"I came to Win, to Fight, to Conquer, to Thrive I came to Win, to Survive, to Prosper, to Rise, To Fly..." Get Ready for it Get Ready for it I came to Win...😘😉 ~Nicki Minaj ft Rihanna~
Yours Truly Royal Queen of Hearts Monique❣

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  • The products are awesome….i’m very happily satisfied with my tees…outstanding job I’m putting this sight out there…to friends,coworkers and relatives….keep up the work love it.

    Stanley Carter

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